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Masterpiece Hotel - La Serena Inn
San Marcos Inn

Welcome to beautiful Morro Bay! Here is your up-to-the-minute look into this picturesque beach town.   This snap shot is taken every 60 seconds from our web cam located atop the Best Western Plus San Marcos Inn. Check out the current weather, or just soak up the view! You can see Morro Rock, a local highlight and one of California's historical landmarks. It is one of nine extinct volcano’s called the Nine Sisters, they stretch for 12 miles. Morro Rock was first sighted by Juan Cabrillo in 1542 and, at the time, was surrounded by water. The rock was quarried, giving it it's present shape and allowing a breakwater to be built for Morro Bay. You can drive out to the rock, picnic and enjoy the scenery. It's a great place to spot sea otters!

We have 3 great Hotels in Morro Bay, The Masterpiece Hotel, The La Serena Inn and the San Marcos Inn. Also two of our facebook pages are available from this site, on the left is the La Serena Inn Facebook feed and on the right is the Masterpiece Hotel Facebook feed.

Morro Bay Web Cam is a member of the Pacific Coast Getaways group,
owned and operated by the Bartfield Family for over 30 years.